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Fairfax Hyundai Testimonials

Dear Bobby,

I am writing to give positive feedback about Don Barker and let you know how grateful I am for the assistance he gave my mom and me the other day. We wandered in on Tuesday, December 26 at 9 am because my almost 80 year old mom needs a new car and is interested in the Tuscon. We were very new to the idea of getting her a new vehicle and your dealership was our first stop.

Don seemed to immediately understand that we were two women who didn't know a lot about cars, but also didn't need to hear every possible detail he could provide about the vehicle. He told us the options for each model, asked good questions, listened to our answers, and steered us toward the options that were right for our situation. On the test drive, he was helpful and kind, intuitively understanding that my mom (who does not live in the area) might be uncomfortable on busy roads and navigated her around the neighborhood with clear directions and a gentle manner that put us at ease.

In short, Don was fantastic. He was kind and knowledgeable, sincere and helpful, all traits that seem rare these days. I don't know if we will wind up buying a car from your dealership, but I do know that I will forever send potential customers your way because of Don.

Thank you and we wish all of you a very happy new year!

Best regards,
Amy Muhlendorf

Dear Mr. DiCesaro,

The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of the out standing service of two of your employees. Mr. Rickie Bush, your Service Manager, and Mr. Ray Wiest, one of your service advisors.

Since late 2011, my Hyundai has been serviced at your Fairfax Hyundai’s facility with excellent results.

On December 4, 2017, I had my 67,500-mile service and on my way home I noticed a few items which required further attention. Rather than going through each item which occurred between December 4th through the 14th in this letter, I would like to concentrate on December 14, 2017 when I made an appointment with Mr. Rickie Bush to discuss each of them with him.

After going over the items with Mr. Bush, he responded to each of them and introduced me to Mr. Wiest to determine a get-well plan. Within a short period of time, their service was implemented which included an additional item separate from the above which was corrected that day.

Both Mr. Bush and Mr. Wiest are to be commended for their professional performance as representatives of Fairfax.

Jack K. Maier

I would like to clarify how amazing the Hyundai Fairfax staff were, especially compared to Hyundai Alexandria which was the complete opposite and was the determining factor to purchasing my Tucson from Fairfax. At Fairfax, my Sales Consultant Don Baker was extremely professional and knowledgeable, answering all questions and concerns I had. As I knew exactly what model and trim I wanted, he was courteous in not trying to up-sell me on additions, as I had made clear from the beginning I didn’t want them, which made the process very fast and easy. That fact that he was able to do a vehicle swap from another dealership to get the exact color and trim I wanted within hours of telling him I was ready to purchase was amazing.

In addition, the finance consultant, Dany Joo, and technology consultant, Aysa Cooci, were very courteous, expeditious, and understanding of my needs. The cherry of top of the sundae was Don getting the service crew to drive my new vehicle home as the current vehicle I had was on a lease and I had to still bring that to my residence, totally unexpected and supper appreciated as it saved me another visit to drop off my old car and find a ride back to the dealership. The entire process was flawless, and experience I have never had in my history of purchasing vehicles. In comparison, at Hyundai Alexandria when I first walked into the dealership not one person approached me and asked if I needed assistance. In fact, one sales consultant said, “I’m working with somebody and can’t assist you.” That lack of basic customer service to welcome a potential customer as they first walk in the door loses a potential sale right from the start. In addition, while my sales consultant was professional and helpful, when I emailed with follow-up questions I received poor, half-answered questions that further drove me away from wanting to do business with that dealership.

I am grateful for having gone to Fairfax because it was a 180-degree experience and if I had only based my experience on Alexandria I may have not purchased a Hyundai at all, and would have gone to a different brand. Thanks to Don Baker and the rest of the staff, I am now the happy owner of a Hyundai, and furthermore go out of my way to advocate to colleagues and friends the qualify of my vehicle and the quality of service at Fairfax Hyundai, which will only garner them more business as they well deserve it.